How to install Precise without getting screwed?

Dane Mutters dmutters at
Thu Apr 12 04:20:52 UTC 2012

> Part of the problem you're having in this discussion is that Ubuntu
> developers
> don't develop Unity.  It's a separate project within Canonical that
> operates
> much like any upstream does.  The distribution developers have some
> influence
> and do, in some cases, contribute to it, but it's not primarily their work.
> If you're trying to reach the driving minds behind Unity, this isn't the
> right
> place.  There is a mailing list, called unity-design or some similar title
> that might be better.
> Scott K

That's very good to know; thanks, Scott.  It's also heartening to hear that
it's not the Ubuntu devs (for whom I generally have a lot of respect) who
are pushing this madness forward, but people who are working directly for
Canonical--rather than simply being directed by canonical.  I apologize to
any developers toward whom I've been unjustly been harsh.

My previous criticisms of certain denizens of this list stand, but at least
now it's clear that most of the Unity "culprits" are elsewhere.  Thanks for
the clarification.

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