[Oneiric topic] IPv6

Erik Andersen erik.b.andersen at gmail.com
Sun May 1 05:09:50 UTC 2011

   I've run IPv6 on my local network and through a IPv6inIPv4 tunnel for a
while. Here's what I would bring up if I were at UDS on the subject of IPv6 on

o  One thing I just discovered is that a maverick VM that only has an IPv6 only
   connection (and even an IPv6 mirror or apt package cache configured) will
   not detect the natty upgrade through the update manager. If you run
   check-new-release you get the right result, and if you run
   do-release-upgrade it knows, but Update manager doesn't know until you give
   it a IPv4 connection and then have it recheck for updates. Once it knows, it
   will complain if of not being able to get the release notes if it is
   switched back to v6 only.
o  It also seems like by default network manager ignores IPv6 even if it is
   available on the current network. (Already mentioned)
o  Also, it would be nice to have support for DHCPv6 by default without
   installing and configuring dibbler-client. As far as I can tell, ubuntu
   doesn't support DHCPv6 out of the box (Disclaimer: I only had a DHCPv6
   server running on my for a short period of time. I figured it wasn't worth
   the trouble to run a dhcpv6 server just to point to IPv6 DNS servers.)
   (Already mentioned)
o  Network Manager has no settings tab for IPv6 on PPPoe connections. I'm not
   sure if there's any standards for IPv6 over PPPoe yet.
o  Implementing a checkbox in NM for IPv6 Privacy addresses got postponed. Is
   that a goal for Oneiric, or is it currently postponed indefinitely? [0]
o  +1 For IPv6 reachable ubuntu websites.
o  Maybe UFW should be IPv6 enabled by default?

[0]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/procps/+bug/176125

Erik Andersen

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