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> > To be serious, I don't like this kind of forcing one's own view of
> > usability onto the users. GNU/Linux is all about free customization.
> > Give the user your preferred applications, but let him choose what
> > he/she wants to use.
> GNU/Linux is absolutely not “about” anything, especially not free
> customization at runtime.

Then we both have very different views about GNU/Linux.

> Look at the mobile phone space. We have stuff like WebOS and Maemo,

Mobile phones are very different machines than pcs, you can't compare
their interfaces that way. The GNU/Linux desktop user is accustomed to
change his user interface at runtime to his or her likings.

I too, like Anzan, do not want some kind of Mac'ish closeness in
Ubuntu, the "free" and "intuitive" operating system (

The source is open, so should be the interface.



"After you experience Kubuntu, the world of your old OS will look
increasingly bad, increasingly archaic, and a environment that makes
living life hard." -- The Times of India, 30th June 2007

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