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On 10 June 2010 11:40, Dylan McCall <dylanmccall at> wrote:

> > To be serious, I don't like this kind of forcing one's own view of
> > usability onto the users. GNU/Linux is all about free customization.
> > Give the user your preferred applications, but let him choose what
> > he/she wants to use.
> GNU/Linux is absolutely not “about” anything, especially not free
> customization at runtime. If we are going to do this, it's all about
> freely modifying source code and building those customized solutions.
> With that said, Linux is (or should be) less about confusing runtime
> options than the proprietary competition. With them, those are
> necessities because they want to keep users happy but don't want to
> give them source code. Over here, we can afford to make decisive
> design choices to keep the platform sane and simple. If people
> disagree with those choices, they can make their own modifications to
> the software, or use someone else's modified version.
> Look at the mobile phone space. We have stuff like WebOS and Maemo,
> which are both built on top of common bits we use here on the desktop.
> (Actually, a surprising and pleasing number of them). Neither of those
> operating systems has a button to configure the panels or revert to
> volume-control-like-2009. But you have a choice in using them.
> Importantly, the developers of those operating systems were able to
> leverage the platform and its open source nature to build those
> amazing operating systems exactly the way they were meant to be,
> without any loose ends or wiggly bits.
> Naturally, WebOS and Android have some of the best SDKs out there.
> Why shouldn't that be allowed on the desktop?

End-user here. I find these sentiments very disturbing.

If I wanted something locked down I'd buy a stevePad or steveBook or


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