Removal of notification area

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Thu Jun 10 15:40:45 UTC 2010

> To be serious, I don't like this kind of forcing one's own view of
> usability onto the users. GNU/Linux is all about free customization.
> Give the user your preferred applications, but let him choose what
> he/she wants to use.

GNU/Linux is absolutely not “about” anything, especially not free
customization at runtime. If we are going to do this, it's all about
freely modifying source code and building those customized solutions.

With that said, Linux is (or should be) less about confusing runtime
options than the proprietary competition. With them, those are
necessities because they want to keep users happy but don't want to
give them source code. Over here, we can afford to make decisive
design choices to keep the platform sane and simple. If people
disagree with those choices, they can make their own modifications to
the software, or use someone else's modified version.

Look at the mobile phone space. We have stuff like WebOS and Maemo,
which are both built on top of common bits we use here on the desktop.
(Actually, a surprising and pleasing number of them). Neither of those
operating systems has a button to configure the panels or revert to
volume-control-like-2009. But you have a choice in using them.
Importantly, the developers of those operating systems were able to
leverage the platform and its open source nature to build those
amazing operating systems exactly the way they were meant to be,
without any loose ends or wiggly bits.
Naturally, WebOS and Android have some of the best SDKs out there.

Why shouldn't that be allowed on the desktop?


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