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V for Vortex wrote on 10/06/10 15:55:
> Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at> wrote:
>> Once it is removed, it will not be possible to re-add the notification
>> area applet (or any other applet) to the Unity panel.
> Will it be possible to replace the Unity panel then? ]:}

Sure, you can install gnome-panel instead. But if you wanted that, then
why did you choose UNE or Ubuntu Light in the first place?

> To be serious, I don't like this kind of forcing one's own view of
> usability onto the users.

Ubuntu developers also "force their own view" of which kernel, which
bootloader, which init system, which windowing system, and which
packaging system Ubuntu users should use as well. How dare they.

>                           GNU/Linux is all about free customization.
> Give the user your preferred applications, but let him choose what
> he/she wants to use.

As I've said before, any sentence of the form "Linux is about <noun
phrase>" is a fallacy. That is doubly true for "GNU/Linux is about <noun

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