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> Am Samstag, den 24.07.2010, 22:50 +0530 schrieb Bavithra R:
> > Hi friends
> >
> > I would like to create an application which extracts,configures,sets
> > the path for installation and install any software package that is
> > downloaded in the .tar.gz format or any other.
> >In some cases it is plain easy: "./configure && make && make >install",
> >but many packages needs more work and I see no way to automatize >it
> completely.
  Ya that is the case I too found it to be difficult.I am trying to build an
application which could identify all the file types.Also a library with all
possible installation commands from which it can choose the appropriate one.

> > This is because if we download that package in one system we could be
> > able to install using it in other system which has no net access.Also
> > it would be easier for the common people who are not aware of terminal
> > commands.
> >
> > Yeah ofcourse we have ubuntu software centre and synaptic package
> > manager for easy software installation.But internet is needed in both
> > the cases.
> >
> > I mean like sharing the downloaded package among friends and to
> > install them easily just by a single click in a system which has no
> > internet access.
> >I have one machine A without internet connection. To be able to >install
> >any package from the archive, I use apt-mirror to get an complete
> >archive mirror on machine B that has internet connection. Then I >carry
> >the directory on a 2.5" hard drive to machine A. machine A is >configured
> >(/etc/apt/sources.list) to get the archive from the local directory
> >instead from the internet.

Ya but I mean sharing through pen drives or cd to other system which is
located at some other place.Also do you have any of how to add some more
features on it?

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