Integrate "Apt-linker" into all Ubuntu Browsers

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Thu Jul 15 10:59:28 UTC 2010

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Ryan Oram wrote on 12/07/10 19:28:
> AptURL needs exposure and needs to become familiar to users. That
> would be the goal of integration the Apt-Linker Greasemonkey script.
> Instead of AptURLs being isolated to certain repository websites and
> official forums, they would be everywhere Ubuntu users would seek help
> and guidance. In doing so, it would remove one of the last reason
> reasons in Ubuntu to use a command-line.

A Greasemonkey script would work only for people already using Ubuntu
(and using a browser that allows Greasemonkey scripts). It wouldn't do
anything to make an apt: URL understandable for people who aren't using
Ubuntu. Nor would it help CMSes such as WordPress that mangle apt: links.

To get around this, we have and Ubuntu Software Center's
"Edit" > "Copy Web Link" command. Unfortunately, it currently works only
for Firefox, and doesn't yet give useful promotion to people not using
Ubuntu. It would be great if someone could contribute the visual design,
JavaScript etc necessary to make it work well.

And in Ubuntu 10.10, apt: links will open in Ubuntu Software Center,
rather than in a minimalist apturl window. This will be much more
informative and obvious about what's going on.

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