Integrate "Apt-linker" into all Ubuntu Browsers

Ryan Oram ryanoram at
Mon Jul 12 18:28:47 UTC 2010

On Mon Jul 12 18:23:57 BST 2010, Joao Pinto <joao.pinto at>:
> The greasemonkey script does not really help in any of those problems,
> apturl is a nice solution, it needs better integration and other
> improvements. I believe it is the proper tool to invest at.
> --
> João Luís Marques Pinto
> GetDeb Team Leader

AptURL needs exposure and needs to become familiar to users. That
would be the goal of integration the Apt-Linker Greasemonkey script.
Instead of AptURLs being isolated to certain repository websites and
official forums, they would be everywhere Ubuntu users would seek help
and guidance. In doing so, it would remove one of the last reason
reasons in Ubuntu to use a command-line.

The package management system in Ubuntu is one of its great assets and
Canonical definitely needs to promote it more. Apt is one of the great
usability features Ubuntu has over Windows and Mac OS X. It's the
major reason why I'm using Ubuntu on my MacBook. A moderated and
secured centralized installer with centralized updates. Used properly,
it completely removes the need to download directly from a web page, a
huge advantage in terms of both usability and security over the
proprietary competitors.

Integrating the Apt-Linker script into every browser would be one big
step into making AptURLs ubiquitous in the Linux community, like they
should be. ;)


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