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Amahdy mrjava.javaman at
Thu Jan 28 02:19:30 UTC 2010

If other developers put sometime to make life easier (and faster) for us.
There is a user interface, a browser, an email client ..etc, then only
because I like the keyboard I'll use terminal?? I do like terminal and I use
it many times to facilate my life through commands, but I said to "facilate"
because I know the command and I can type it faster than mouse movement, but
not beause I'm a terminal fan then I must do everything on it.
So my new question here is (which probably I asked before but here is
What exactly terminal commands or program that those ppl use to read the
list mails, maybe I'll get convienced and as I asked before I want to know
so that I can use this list better because for me it's currently very hard
to use.

One thing to mention, under windows, for example to change something in the
taskbar without mouse: press win-logo, press it again (it will be
activated), press tab then tab till you reach the taskbar, then press the
right-click-input, then choose from the menu, now tell me if this is could
be easily done (by default) under Ubuntu? indeed Ubuntu was designed to be
very user friendly that the design lack a support for the developers who
lover keyboard, their only alternative is commands over terminal, yet there
is not a default shortcut-key to open the terminal.

-- Amahdy AbdElAziz
IT & Development Manager
3D Diagnostix Inc.

Many people cannot click this or click that because they are reading and
> sending email in a terminal. Developers will tend to be keyboard users and
> cannot be bothered with a mouse pointer. (Although Gmail itself is very
> keyboard friendly for navigation.)
> Yours,
> Anzan
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