making a workaround web page for bugs, in LTS release, not fixed

Marco Pallotta marco.pallotta at
Thu Jan 7 11:53:51 UTC 2010

Often Ubuntu users (expecially new users or user that doesn't know
much of Ubuntu bug fixing procedure) are disoriented by the fact that
bugs, in LTS releases, aren't fixed (or they are marked as "fix
released" if they aren't present anymore in next Ubuntu releases)  if
they aren't security issues or bugs from which the user can lose data
(that should be regularly fixed). We know that Ubuntu developers
haven't the power to fix every discovered bug but following what
Shuttleworth sayd on his post "Ubuntu’s role in bug management for the
whole free software stack"( we
cannot ignore this user perception and I think we have to study to try
to fix it (also because LTS has seen as a sort of a very stable

I think that a possible solution is to create a web page "workaround
for bugs", better if linked directly from one of gnome menu or
directly inside Ubuntu Help Center, that explains a possible
workaround for single LTS bug not fixed in that distro. In fact in
almost all the bug posts, in launchpad, we can find, except the info
if the bug is fixed in next release or not, a workaround for those
that, in the specific, haven't any idea to upgrade to a not LTS
release  continuously every six month. So the bug triager (but I think
only if bug is related to an LTS release, just to restrict the work)
should have to select (just
sending it to a web page maintainer)  which workaround, among the ones
that appear in the posts, have to be just posted, near bug
description, in the "workaround for bugs" web page. An alternative of
this (or a starting point of this idea) could be making a simple page,
on the wiki, supported by the community (and not, indirectly, by bug
triagers) but I think an integration in the Ubuntu Desktop (as I sayd
before, just with a simple link in the Ubuntu Help Center) could be
just the reply to the wrong user perception of LTS bug fixing.



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