DVD images for LTS point releases

Robbie Williamson robbie at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 20 21:44:25 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-08-20 at 03:08 -0400, Jorge O. Castro wrote: 
> > I know creating DVDs for each point release is a huge task, as it
> > doubles our workload, and given they aren't downloaded nearly as much, I
> > don't think we would do that.
> As someone not familiar with what it takes to push out images I think
> it would be nice to know what it takes to to push out an image, and I
> don't mean from a "link me to docs" perspective as much from a "what
> kind of work does it take for people and how long?" perspective.
> I personally had no idea that a DVD image doubled the workload, from
> my simplistic perspective it's just a CD image with a few more
> language packs added on. Also, I have zero clue how derivatives and
> other non-default images affect teams around the project.
> (I am not trying to be facetious or a smart ass, but wow when you said
> each DVD point release doubles your workload, OUCH.)
I'll make you a deal.  I'm sure I can find someone to help enlighten you
about the process, but in return you agree to join the few...the
proud...the Ubuntu Release Team. How's that sound? :D


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