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2009/10/26 solaris manzur <sl.solaris at gmail.com>

>>   1. Re: cancel the 9.10 release... it is not ready (Markus Hitter)
> and one more... notify-osd is losing performance... ms windows is horrible
> and I do not want to use it anymore but when they deliver a new version of
> their operating system they worry about details and they do not deliver it
> until they are completely sure it is working as it should
So... We have to be better and do not deliver a new version until we are
completely sure it is working perfect...
Imagine this: A person buy a new computer that comes with ubuntu
pre-installed.. (a DELL one) we are now closed to that to be very famous ...
and that person has problems like these ones I have just mentioned, that
should be horrible, we shouldn't deliver a new version until it is working
perfect because people are now putting their faith in ubuntu and canonical
that carry it
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