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Hey guys,
  I had been on the art team for a number of years.
I am really surprised that some of the artwork,  ie,,,boot splash  and
splash screen with progress bar  , were able to be considered let alone
actually used.
   I have to tell you that that the choices for these images and colours
are completely not ubuntu in any way and certainly the worst choice.
  When booting into karmic,  the white ubuntu symbol should have had the
colours gradually fill it in as a progress bar...and the following boot
splash the ubuntu logo certainly should have had color and the background
for that image most definitely should NOT have been implies  a
dark..albeit muddy,, theme is going to be default system theme.
   I have seen none of the major distributions have any
inconsistencies...including ubuntu...with graphics during install..or radical and inappropriate  as karmic has.
  Who ever has made these decisions  is most likely a developer and there
are NO developers capable of making final choices for anything without
discussing the options with at least one "qualified"  artist.
   Creating and deciding on graphics , especially for a distribution as
globally used as Ubuntu, takes as much skill and time and mental
capabilities as it does to code "any" application...or DE..and any of the
developers who think otherwise  should be kept as far away from decision
making about graphics  permanently!!!
  To mr shuttleworth,,, if you are making final decisions then you need to
pull yourself away from graphics altogether and let the art team back in as
official...if on the other hand you are relying on an "artist" at cononical
to make these final decisions ,, then please give them their walking papers.
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