Martin Owens doctormo at
Sat Oct 24 23:33:54 UTC 2009

Hello Coz,

Lets not call for people to be fired just yet, I'm sure things can be
improved with some community involvement and a little unmooding of the

Though it's totally subjective, as style usually is. A lot of people
call my graphics too cartoonish and not serious. I tend to iconify
instead of illustrate and that's reflected in my styles.

Is there an art team? much like the technical board?

Regards, Martin

On Sat, 2009-10-24 at 19:18 -0400, coz DS wrote:
> Hey guys,
>   I had been on the art team for a number of years.
> I am really surprised that some of the artwork,  ie,,,boot splash  and
> splash screen with progress bar  , were able to be considered let
> alone actually used.
>    I have to tell you that that the choices for these images and
> colours  are completely not ubuntu in any way and certainly the worst
> choice.
>   When booting into karmic,  the white ubuntu symbol should have had
> the colours gradually fill it in as a progress bar...and the following
> boot splash the ubuntu logo certainly should have had color and the
> background for that image most definitely should NOT have been
> implies  a dark..albeit muddy,, theme is going to be default
> system theme.
>    I have seen none of the major distributions have any
> inconsistencies...including ubuntu...with graphics during install..or
> radical and inappropriate  as karmic has.
>   Who ever has made these decisions  is most likely a developer and
> there are NO developers capable of making final choices for anything
> without discussing the options with at least one "qualified"  artist.
>    Creating and deciding on graphics , especially for a distribution
> as globally used as Ubuntu, takes as much skill and time and mental
> capabilities as it does to code "any" application...or DE..and any of
> the developers who think otherwise  should be kept as far away from
> decision making about graphics  permanently!!!
>   To mr shuttleworth,,, if you are making final decisions then you
> need to pull yourself away from graphics altogether and let the art
> team back in as official...if on the other hand you are relying on an
> "artist" at cononical to make these final decisions ,, then please
> give them their walking papers.
>     coz

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