Delta debs / zsync (etc) discussions gone quiet?

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in-line :-

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 18:45, Lars Wirzenius <lars at> wrote:

> Indeed. Thanks for your notes, they are very useful. Finding and fixing
> the problems is what I'm currently looking at.
> In the long run, it would be good to have checksums of .debs be done on
> the uncompressed data, but that's going to require fairly invasive
> changes in all sorts of places, and should be done in co-operation with
> Debian. I'm looking at low-hanging fruit first.
Thank you for informing us. I do hope there is some movement in 2-3
releases to get something done right/efficient or/and during alpha
cycles which some of us might be comfortable.

Would be nice to know what low hanging fruit you are going to target
in this direction and what help you might need from potential
testers/users ?

Also thanks Vishal for kicking off this important discussion.

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