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Chris Jones chrisjones at comcen.com.au
Thu Oct 22 23:04:19 UTC 2009

Whether I'm becoming old fashioned or whether I've been using Linux for
too long, I dunno. But 90% of the applications that I use are command
line driven. The only graphical apps I use on a daily basis are Firefox,
Evolution. And of course the occasional use of The Gimp, Inkscape,
Brasero, Devede etc. But all the rest is completely driven from a
terminal inside a Fluxbox session. Why, because it's low-resource usage
and much more productive and functional.

So to claim that a GUI is much more productive than a CLI is absolutely
false, from a certain perspective. Obviously it's all user dependant and
dependant on the users habits.

But we shouldn't be encouraging the use of a GUI inside a server
environment simply because it breeds dumb users.
As pointed out by someone else on the mailing list, Windows users are
often closed minded and not open to learning something new.
And give a techie a Windows box to fix and he'll instantly know where
the problem lies. But give him a tux box and I can guarantee that he
probably wouldn't have a bloody clue. Heck, even most ISP network admins
don't wanna help you if you're running a Linux OS. Why? Simply because
they don't know Linux. Anyway, I'm starting to run off track a little
but going back to my point; GUI servers are breeding these clueless

I 'unofficially' admin the Windows network at work and I can't tell you
how many times I've sat there and wondered how good it would be to add
and implement a Linux server into the network. But I certainly wouldn't
be installing a full blown GUI. Webmin perhaps, but that's where I draw
the line.
The whole purpose of a server is to use minimal resources and have only
the basics of tools to get the job done. This primarily is what has
traditionally separated a Server Operating System from a Desktop
Operating System.

And just to go back to what I said in the beginning, to claim that a GUI
is more productive than a CLI is not only crap, but it clearly
demonstrates a users lack of knowledge of not only the server sector but
the technology behind Linux as a whole.

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