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Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Thu Oct 22 23:31:22 UTC 2009

On 23/10/09 07:04, Chris Jones wrote:
> But we shouldn't be encouraging the use of a GUI inside a server
> environment simply because it breeds dumb users.
While I agree that users, well "sysadmins" (and I use the term loosely)
are getting dumber in the world, I don't think it's because of a GUI. I
have seen plenty dumb things in CLI environments - Netware used to be a
CLI environment and I saw much that made me shudder. In the "good old
days" of DOS you could do plenty of dumb things with its CLI.

I don't think that the GUI is breeding dumbness as such. I'm sure that
it's a contributing factor.

Education is the key. It's always been the key, and it will continue to
be the key.

    When You Earnestly Believe You Can Compensate For A Lack Of Skill By
    Doubling Your Efforts, There's No End To What You Can't Do.

For me if a GUI helps me solve a problem by explaining what's going on,
it's done its job.

A final thought, which I've not come across. In the early '90s, Apple
had an OS called AU/X, which was a murder between BSD and UNIX. It had
one redeeming feature. If you were on a CLI and you typed a command and
pressed Apple-Enter, you'd get a dialog that provided you with a GUI to
that command. It allowed you to "compose" a command and on completion,
you'd be back at the CLI, ready to run the tool.

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