Ubuntu Domain Server

Joseph Miller josephcmiller2 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 01:31:00 UTC 2009

> What are your thoughts on having a server product that competes with
> Windows Server? Something which has a GUI, is very easy to manage and works
> best with Ubuntu workstations.

Have you taken a look at Gadmintools? Specifically gadmin-samba already does
a lot of what you are asking about.  Taking up more integration and UI
issues would allow you to quickly update this product to exactly what you
want.  There is (almost) NO REASON to start up your own project in this
case.  Someone has also mentioned webmin.  At worst, a fork of a current
project should be done.

I would suggest to commit to doing this in the "Ubuntu Linux way."  Don't
allow the project to become a second rate Windows server.  Ubuntu and Linux
have a lot to offer already.  A global administration tool that also happens
to support samba and Windows clients really, really well may be a better way
to think about it.

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