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Sun Nov 15 21:44:38 UTC 2009

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 5:17 AM, Joseph Miller <josephcmiller2 at>wrote:

>> I have a slightly crazy idea. What if documents didn't have to be saved?
>> You could just start writing (or doing whatever you do in the particular
>> application), and the program magically remembers what you were doing in
>> case you closed the program, or it crashed. Of course, you want to give
>> documents names, so that should still be possible through some means.
> I like this idea.  Someone get over to the kernel developers and start
> yelling at them for not having this done already (just kidding).  Saving is
> kind of stupid.
Clicking save is really not saving anything, it's just guaranteeing you're
not going to lose that data. Surely programs could handle this automatically
and you could remove the save button?

For example, when you open a new document you could have a sidebar come up
asking for a filename and path - not a dialog as that's too intrusive. The
program would autosave periodically regardless of whether they've entered a
filename or not. Closing the document would do a final save without asking.
That way there's less disrupting prompts.

And yeah, with undo you can revert back if you need to.

Save As would still be an option I guess.


> Unfortunately, because of the way that hard disks save data, that may be
> kind of weird.  It can't save continuously.  But then again, how much does
> clicking "Save" really do anyways?  With all the modern filesystems with
> journalling, nothing gets written to media when you click save anyways.
> Maybe this would work without that much change in practice.
> I use Google Docs all the time for work stuff so I can share it.  It took a
> while to get used to not clicking "Save" all the time, but it makes the most
> sense.
> Saving is stupid if the application has unlimited undo or version history.
> Maybe we need to be thinking more about versions/revisions in our file
> system instead of files and copies.  Some filesystems already do this, but
> we don't do it in desktop Linux boxes. If my filesystem could just keep
> track of every revision of file that I have that would be pretty awesome.
> -Joseph
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