Save Icon modernization needed

Michael Bienia michael at
Mon Nov 16 09:05:09 UTC 2009

On 2009-11-15 19:22:16 +0100, Remco wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-11-15 at 23:37 +0800, Christopher Lees wrote:
> > My favourite method of saving a document was in RiscOS; when you opened
> > the 'save' dialog, it was just a small window with the document icon, a
> > filepath and an OK button. When you were doing your initial save (or a
> > "Save As...") you just dragged the icon to where you wanted to save it
> > to. In subsequent saves, you just hit the OK button.
> I have a slightly crazy idea. What if documents didn't have to be saved?
> You could just start writing (or doing whatever you do in the particular
> application), and the program magically remembers what you were doing in
> case you closed the program, or it crashed. Of course, you want to give
> documents names, so that should still be possible through some means.

Please also think about the use-cases where you *don't* want to save
your changes.

At work some documents are only used like a form: they get opened,
filled out and printed. After that the document is closed again without
saving the changes (so it's still empty at the next opening). I doubt
those users would be happy that they need now to click several times
"undo" to restore the document.

And think also at the space-requirements for those "undo"s. Hard-disk
space might be cheap today, but this data still needs to be loaded from
disk (or even a network storage). And some operations might need much
space for "undo"s, like in image-, video- or audio-editing.


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