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> Olá Stewart e a todos.
> On Friday 27 March 2009 00:09:11 Stewart Johnston wrote:
>> Slightly to one side, when Apport starts and walks me through the 
>> process of filing a bug, the first thing I do is nip off and search 
>> Launchpad for the same bug, then if I find one I cancel apport.
> Its just a petty that the apport logs are lost when you mark it as a dupe of an existing one.
> I've seen triagers/devs request for that info.
> I've even filed new bugs just to have apport upload the data, and then manually dupe it to the master bug, mentioning that I have a dupe with new apport data.
> Cant the apport data still be uploaded to dupes, until some flag* is added saying no more apport data is needed (saving storage on LP) ?
Normally if you use Apport to file bugs it will mark it as a duplicate
even if the other bug isnt the master bug.
When reporting a crash its normally a good idea not to mark it as a
duplicate since crashes can have simular back trace but not be the same
bug. By filing a new bug using Apport it gives us the information needed
to help you better if it is not marked as a duplicate.

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