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On 2009/02/28 19:21 (GMT+0100) Nicolò Chieffo composed:

> Ok, I understood now.
> Anyway the default look of ubuntu in my screen is really ugly.

You'll have to define "ugly" in detail to get a meaningful response.

> Is it possible to adapt the font to the screen DPI (automatically)?

You'll have to explain the kind of adaptation you mean in order to get a
meaningful response.

If by "ugly" you mean "bold", there's nothing that can be done automatically
that isn't already that way. Common fonts don't all get "bold" at the same
size. The shift from 1px stems to 2px stems might be improved for some people
by changing the default sans-serif from DejaVu Sans to Liberation Sans, as
the latter, as do Arial and Times New Roman, needs a 1px larger size to turn

With the correct selection of anti-alias, subpixel and/or hinting, the
bolding effect can be masked somewhat.

Higher pixel density (DPI) when it gets high enough will eliminate this
problem. As it is now, for many it's probably better once DPI gets to be
about 140. When 200 is past it'll probably be gone for most, and by 300 for
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