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On 2009/02/28 19:23 (GMT-0500) Mackenzie Morgan composed:

> On Saturday 28 February 2009 5:12:11 pm Felix Miata wrote:

>> Even if all existing systems had accurate DPI, web designers would still
>> have no more business using pt for sizing web page text than they do px.
>> They should only be using em to size text, with the option to size other
>> things in %, leaving it up to each user to determine the appropriate
>> size of his em. Both px and pt totally disregard a user's determination
>> of appropriate em size.

> And here I thought the wonderful thing about em for web designers was the 
> abillity to size div's and p's based on them.

Note the arrangement of the words. What I did *not* write was "should be
using em for sizing text only". Sizing text was the original use of em, but
it can, and should, be used to size *everything* on a web page.
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