shameful censoring of mono opposition

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Wed Jun 10 00:33:14 UTC 2009

>> a) "Respect" from whom, exactly? You? Paige?
> the Linux community

There's no lack of respect in the "Linux community" for Ubuntu; quite the contrary: Ubuntu has arguably done more than any other distro in broadening the use of Linux and in making it more available and accessible to a broader range of people.

>> b) Why does this matter? Is someone running a contest for "most respected
>> Linux distribution? Are there prizes?
> no but there are losers like microvell (and ubuntu if it doesn't change)

So you say. With a similar lack of evidence to the other specious claims you've advanced.

>> c) Why don't you just go ahead, use Fedora and let Ubuntu proceed to its (in
>> your view) inevitable doom? Wouldn't that free up a lot of your time for
>> more useful things than inciting conversations a which can't really lead to
>> any productive result on mailing lists about distributions you don't
>> "respect"?
> I am trying to help

You're utterly failing to do so, in a dismal and public fashion.

>> A few related observations:
>> a) "Respect", if it matters at all, only matter coming from those who are,
>> themselves, worthy of respect.
> Roy Schestowitz and Richard Stallman say that MONO is poisonware. are
> they not respectable?

They're neither more nor less respectable than Miguel. RMS says I shouldn't read Harry Potter books, for what it's worth. I ignore that, too, as being nothing more than his individual opinion. He's as entitled to have it as I am to think it's silly and misguided.

>> b) I'd suggest that if there's any meaningful dimension to "respect", it
>> might be measured by the number of people who take the time to actually use
>> a given distro. If that's the case, Ubuntu seems to be more "respected" than
>> Fedora.
> ego will get you nowhere

What? Non sequitur much?

>> c) I can point to plenty of things which Miguel and others have done which
>> seem to me to be deeply worthy of respect from my view, starting with GNOME
> only because he couldn't get hired by M$ like he wanted

This is precisely the sort of rubbish which causes people to view you as nothing more than an egregious troll, Mark. Any evidence to support this claim? No? Thought not.

> and then he goes and creates GNOME while badmouthing KDE and splitting
> the Linux community. with friends like him, who needs enemies?

I've rarely seen a more slanted and pointless characterization of GNOME. I'm a member of the GNOME Foundation advisory board, and I take exception to this. Again, if you hate GNOME so much, why aren't you simply on some other distribution more to your liking than the quite GNOME-centric Ubuntu?

>> and working on from there. I can't think of any similarly significant
>> contributions from Mark Fink or from Paige Thompson. Why would I "respect"
>> your view more than Miguel's? "Respect" is earned around these parts by
>> doing heavy lifting, not by posting messages to mailing lists.
> not all of us can be programmers, so we contribute in other ways like

I.e. "whining".

> people like me and Roy Schestowitz and others at BN are
> very important for making people aware of the truth so that M$ can't
> destroy Linux.

No, you're simply doing your best to disrupt otherwise productive mailing lists, as far as I can tell.

> I've personally advocated Linux to Fortune 500 companies. 

That's nice. Did you achieve any success, or did you just call people names?

> what have /you/ done?

Well, just for starts, I was instrumental in supporting Stuart Cheshire's work on ZEROCONF while I was his manager at Apple, and in getting Apple to release RendezVous/Bonjour as an open source project--Apple's first open source release ever, to the best of my knowledge. I'm also the chief open source advocate within the largest manufacturer of mobile device software in Japan. I'm also, as mentioned, on the GNOME Foundation advisory board, as well as a founding member of GNOME Mobile, a multiple-year sponsor of open source conferences such as GUADEC and FOSTEL, a multiple-time speaker at the Linux Symposium, one of the key mobile open source advocates within the Linux Foundation, and chair of the Open Source Committee at the LiMo Foundation, as well as chairing the "Mobile Day" at LinuxCon later this year.

Just for starts.

Only by destroying MONO can Linux be saved.

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