tsclient printer redirection patch working

Joseph Miller josephcmiller2 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 13:51:12 UTC 2009

I have created a printer redirection patch for the program tsclient and I
have been referred here.  I have contacted upstream and Debian maintainers
but no one has added the patch or told me how to get this added.  There is
no specific maintainer for the package mentioned.  I have given up on the
upstream programmers who seem to not be working on this at the moment.  Some
time ago a patch was added to the Ubuntu package for the disk-sharing
feature.  My patch is almost exactly like that one.  This is an absurd
feature to be missing from such a useful program.  I have been using this
patch on my production desktop for several months with zero problems.

Somebody please add this patch and re-release for Jaunty or tell me who I
need to talk to so it can happen.  If there was a specific maintainer listed
for this package I would contact that person, but there isn't.  The patch is
linked below.


-Joseph Miller
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