Standing in the street trying to hear yourself think

Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-devel at
Thu Jul 9 09:09:36 UTC 2009

I think the FAQ/flowchart/chatroom model could work very well in other 
places, but the Signpost is just about pointing people in the right 
direction - providing solutions is outside our modest scope.

You've already got a chatroom in #ubuntu, so the next thing is to start 
writing answers.  I would suggest that interested people clear their 
weekend to trawl through the forums and/or the #ubuntu logs at, then write them up on the wiki somewhere.  With 
luck, a hierarchy of questions will become apparent before all that 
answer-writing drives you completely insane :)

I plan to be in #ubuntu-signpost most of the time this week and over the 
weekend, so pop in if you want to talk about any of this.

	- Andrew

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