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On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 08:13 +0800, Onno Benschop wrote:
> My experience in this scenario is that if you go down the path of
> individual pairing that paired support person becomes the single
> contact
> point for that user from then on. It happens today when a support
> request gets resolved the user comes back with "while you're here", or
> "can I ask you this in private", or "you helped me so much yesterday,
> can I ask you another question" or any number of variations on that.
> While in itself rewarding, I find myself avoiding the channel for the
> next week because I'm someone's "new best friend" - which is not
> constructive, nor is it productive.

Yes -- this is also my experience on technical support (although I was
*not* a manager, just a lead, and usually ended up called in by a direct
customer request -- which we might ignore, or not.).

I am sorry I did not go over it. I was thinking on the -- now getting
more common in the US -- option you sometimes see on a web site: chat
with an agent. This was, I guess, what I had in mind by my "or something
like that".

In this scenario you do not have a fixed IRC channel to get in -- you
are put into a new, dynamic, channel, with your helper. As such, the
requester cannot choose. One can look at this as a randomiser.

Of course, when you are bumped to next-level-of-support, things *may*
get more personal.

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