Standing in the street trying to hear yourself think

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Fri Jul 3 17:10:48 UTC 2009

> Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 21:03:44 -0400
> From: Evan <eapache at>
> Subject: Re: Standing in the street trying to hear yourself think
> Again, someone in the Audio
> metaforum (who presumably knows something about audio) tells them it's a
> driver issue, and moves their post a level deeper into the Drivers subforum,
> where someone who knows about the audio driver stack picks it up and helps
> them. If they can't solve it, perhaps they realize it's more a mixing issue,
> and moves the thread sideways to the appropriate location. More experienced
> users can, of course, go straight to the proper subforum if they know where
> it is.
> <snip> I have no idea if this
> would work, I just whipped it off the top of my head, and I have no idea how
> it would work with systems like Launchpad or the mailing lists, but it's at
> least an interesting concept. Something else to ponder.

This sounds like a potential application for Google Wave.....

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