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Evan R. Murphy evanrmurphy at
Fri Jul 3 17:50:35 UTC 2009

2009/7/3 Evan <eapache at>:
> I've been subscribed to this list and filing bugs for over a year now, and I
> hadn't even heard of Launchpad Answers before now. Maybe I live under a
> rock, but I think promotion / awareness would go a long way.

I dream about a much tighter integration of all the community
discussion tools. (The fact that such an experienced contributor could
not know about Launchpad Answers is very telling about our room for
improvement in this area.) If a question is answered once on Ubuntu
Forums, what if it never had to come up again on IRC, Launchpad
Answers or a mailing list (or again on the forums), and vice versa?
The obvious difficulty, of course, is implementation: How do you
accurately index all of these diverse media (IRC channel logs, Ubuntu
Forums and mailing list archives, Launchpad Answers questions, etc.)
and elegantly connect them to one another. I would love to help make
this happen, but I'm not sure I'm smart enough to get it started, or
even how possible it is today.

2009/7/3 Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at>:
> This sounds like a potential application for Google Wave.....

Google Wave is right up this alley, at least in theory.

Great discussion,
Evan R. Murphy

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