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On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 12:36 -0400, Andrew SB wrote:

> >
> > I like this. So maybe a rating system more along the lines of, "Did
> > this answer fix your problem?", instead of, "Digg it".
> Some thoughts:
> This sounds just like Launchpad Answers to me. How would the idea
> you're talking about differ?
> What could we do to encourage more people to use LP Answers?
> What does it lack, or is it simply a matter of promotion / awareness?

It is not as much promotion/awareness (although it always help), as far
as I can see. One of the issues I have found is that it is not *that*
easy to find a question/answer that would apply to a given problem, and
there is no guarantee that the answers are correct. For the former... it
is well-known, for those that have worked on designing a Bug Tracking
System, that users tend to describe an issue/problem in many different
ways, with many different synonyms employed.

For the latter, we should have a review group to:
* look at the questions/answers, and 
* verify correctness,
* edit if needed (clarifying the question and answer), and
* classify the question following a (given) taxonomy.

Following from here:

* once a question/answer has been reviewed and approved, it could be
locked against changes, and clearly marked reviewed ("seal of
* an action "this answer is wrong" should be provided, with a text entry
for explanations. This action should be available for *every* Q/A,
irrespective of status;
* the taxomony should be widely published, and adhered to everywhere
(*including* Mallone). This would provide us with consistency.  The
Wikipaedia classification [1] would probably be useful to us, at least
as a starting point. Other examples are the ACM classification [2], the
AMS one [3], etc, etc.


[1] (and links)

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