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Roman Friesen ubuntu at frolo.de
Thu Jan 22 21:45:05 UTC 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 22.01.2009, 09:35 +0100 schrieb Markus Hitter:
> > It's not common to place buttons such as in this dialogs, it's only a
> > single place with such layout I know in Gnome... I think it's a a hard
> > break of the usability.
> Apple Mac OS X has such confirmation dialogs as well, but only for  
> actions which have potential data loss (log out, power off) and with  
> an expiration timer of 120 seconds. On expiration, the requested  
> action is taken, so you can select shut down and walk away to find  
> your Mac turned off later. That's all Mac OS X 10.4, I don't know  
> about 10.5.
This countdown is really very handy indeed, the QuitAppletPlus includes
this feature as well (you can actually choose between 3, 10, 30 or 60
Regarding to the dialog layout (with buttons only), as you probably read
in the previous answer to the Siegfried Gevatter's email, I think it's
just matter of taste. I don't like it, you like it, somebody doesn't
like both :))

> Confirmation of potential data loss is a good idea, IMHO. Offering a  
> selection dialog after the user has (pre-)selected his choice in the  
> menu, isn't.
The quit dialog in QuitAppletPlus includes among other things this
feature too. It collects together all "dangerous" actions you mentioned
above (log out, shut down) and restart, so you cannot perform those by
mistake directly from the menu. Then in most cases you want to power
off, therefore it's a preselected choice in the dialog, so you need to
press the "OK" button or just let work the countdown...

Thank you for your comment!


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