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Roman Friesen ubuntu at frolo.de
Wed Jan 21 21:13:40 UTC 2009

Am Mittwoch, den 21.01.2009, 12:45 +0100 schrieb Martin Pitt:
> thanks for the introduction. I am CC'ing the -desktop list, since the
> discussion is a bit better suited there.
Should we discuss this topic only on the desktop list further on?

> > It's not a replacement for the current Intrepid fast-switch-user applet,
> > the ideas from both should be merged.
> Code-wise, is that a fork of f-u-s-a, or a rewrite?
Neither first nor the second. It is only a graphical prototype (mock-up)
written in python. I just thought it would be a better way to present
this ideas.

> > - quit actions are easy available, without overloading the view
> That is also the case with the current fusa applet, right?
I'm sorry, I didn't mention it directly. If I say "Ubuntu quit applet",
I mean the whole concept including f-u-s-a and the quit options in the
System menu. The f-u-s-a is fine. But, I think, the dialogs in the
System menu are not, because it's not common to place buttons such as in
this dialogs, I think it's a a hard break of the usability.

> > - more intuitive action names and icons for inexperienced users
> I don't think it should be considered a feature to use different
> strings in different projects. This is certainly a point where both
> should be merged.
> Currently hard to compare for me, since my fusa is in German, while
> your screenshots are in English, but they do not seem to be
> dramatically different to me?
The German translations are more human than the English original. For
the English I suggest: "Shut Down" -> "Power Off", "Suspend (to RAM)" ->
"Standby". But it's not only translations or icons, please look also,
how the "Hibernate" action can be made more intuitive:

> > - configurable quit applet menu design/behavior
> That's certainly a nice thing to have.
Thank you :)

> > - protection against accidentally choosing wrong actions without "Are
> > you sure?"-confirmations
> Likewise, although our design guys might have an explicit reason for
> not having an extra confirmation dialog by default?
I think it's a very good idea for not having confirmation dialogs in f-u-s-a. 
In the QuitAppletPlus there isn't any confirmation dialog too (the quit
dialog is not a confirmation dialog).

> > - alternative approach to protect other logged-in users if you perform
> > shut down or restart
> How does that work in your project? ATM consolekit requires you to
> enter your password to "override" and shut down if other people are
> still logged in.
Please use the "Test scenarios" dialog (via the applet context menu) in
order to simulate this scenario. 
If you mean the approach description, you can find that here (have I
misunderstood your question?):

> > - graphical countdown by automatic quit
> The current logout dialog in system -> Log out counts down in steps of
> 10 seconds. If you have a similar one, both dialogs should be made
> consistent.
It's just a progress bar (counts down in 1 second steps). Maybe a
progress bar is not the best choice, but I think a graphical countdown
is much better than the text based countdown (I didn't even notice this
countdown at first...). 
You can also stop the countdown or just turn it of in the applet
preferences. For more details please see here:

> > - and finally you can power off the computer only with one mouse click!
> Doesn't that contradict with your explicit confirmation dialogs?
You cannot perform this actions by mistake, because you have to hold the
related keys, therefore the confirmation dialogs are not needed here.
(Per design there is not any confirmation dialogs in the QuitAppletPlus)

> Current fusa requires two mouse clicks, which doesn't seem to be
> excessive for something you'd only do once a day?
You can also lock the screen with one mouse click. But you are right,
it's not a must, but I think it could be a nice feature for Ubuntu
release notes:
"With Ubuntu you can power off or lock the screen only with one click!"

> This certainly has some interesting ideas, not to the least having
> some icons to the shutdown/restart/etc. actions, plus configurability.
> It would be great to merge some features into fusa itself, I don't
> think it makes too much sense to have a completely separate
> alternative applet, since we couldn't use it by default.
As I have written above, it is only a graphical prototype, so there is
only one merge direction -> to f-u-s-a :))

> Thank you for working on this! 
Thank you too :)


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