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Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Wed Jan 7 20:45:47 UTC 2009

Il giorno dom, 28/12/2008 alle 16.53 -0500, JamesKoiman at ha
> I installed ubuntu and tried it out,but for average computer user its
> too complicated too use and install software, most people dont know
> how to use a command line.I wish ubuntu could compete with microsoft
> because i dont like microsoft,also nvidia card does not work in sli
> mode with ubuntu 8.10 

My mother is 71, she cannot use teletext, but she surely uses ubuntu. I
installed that in half an hour for her when I brought home my previous
laptop that I will no longer use, and she uses it without any
difficulty. She keeps her accounting using ooocalc, creates and prints
documents using ooowrite, browses the web, reads her e-mail, and yes,
she even does regular backups on CDs :) I don't live with her so she
does everything alone, and yesterday she sent an e-mail to me. 

When she had a dual boot system, she tried to use windows for a while -
she had been so adviced by local "techies" because I was away and she
had needed to repair her computer in the past, so nobody could install
linux back to her and she had to wait for me (she lives in a small town
in the south of Italy which is full of self-called computer techies that
do not even know how to plug an ide cable in). 

Then the printer broke in windows, a technician came home (I live far
from her) and said that he had to take the computer away. My mother
rebooted in linux, tried to print a document and never cared about
windows again.

May be it is still difficult to use ubuntu as a gaming platform. But I
am not into gaming anymore so I don't know.


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