status of Smart pckage manager in ubuntu 9.10 and latest

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Tue Feb 17 00:58:07 UTC 2009

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> I'm interested in Ubuntu project. The only thing which anoy me a lot
> is a Debian package management system, especially apt and aptitude.

Maybe you should explain why you don't like apt (and why Smart is

> There is a info in Ubuntu wiki about Smart package manager and it
> development funded by Canonical. Thee is also mentioned, that smartpm
> will replace apt in future version. Because that info is from 2005, I
> have no idea about relevance of this information today. Is it still
> truth, or this idea was left? 
> What is the status of Smartpm in ubuntu? Is thee an chance to became a
> default packaga manage in future versions?

I think that some Smart features/ideas were ported to e.g.
update-manager, but I don't know what the "official status" of Smart is

> I suppose ubuntu will adopt Packagekit as a default front-end for
> package management system.

AFAIK PackageKit is too simple for that, and the default front-ends will
still be update-manager, gnome-app-install and (for more advanced usage)

Jan Claeys

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