status of Smart pckage manager in ubuntu 9.10 and latest

wire64 at wire64 at
Sat Feb 14 09:42:55 UTC 2009


I'm interested in Ubuntu project. The only thing which anoy me a lot is a Debian package management system, especially apt and aptitude.
There is a info in Ubuntu wiki about Smart package manager and it development funded by Canonical. Thee is also mentioned, that smartpm
will replace apt in future version. Because that info is from 2005, I have no idea about relevance of this information today. Is it still truth, or this idea was left? 
What is the status of Smartpm in ubuntu? Is thee an chance to became a default packaga manage in future versions?

I suppose ubuntu will adopt Packagekit as a default front-end for package management system. If is that true, there would be easy for user, to use backed he likes, 
including Smart.

Thak you for youtr response. Apt/Aptitude annoys me a lot, a it the only barrier between me and ubuntu.

have a nice day.

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