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Shentino shentino at
Wed Dec 2 00:21:35 GMT 2009

I've just switched to gentoo and intend to stick with it.  Getting burned by
karmic had only a little bit to do with it.

Not a slight against ubuntu, but dealing with gentoo has been a real eye
opener to what the ubuntu devs probably go through, and I haven't even
started tweaking or bugfixing yet ;).

My opinion of ubuntu overall remains very high.  Except for karmic Ubuntu
has been making me very happy because it allowed me to stay away from
windows.  Apart from its infamy as a piece of swiss cheese, I'm on a
shoestring budget and can't afford it anyway.

And that is one of the many things I'm thankful for this year...all the hard
work you devs do in giving us an OS that is pretty darn reliable considering
it doesn't have a large budget behind it.

Don't let Karmic get you down.  It's still better than vista :D

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Joseph Miller <josephcmiller2 at>wrote:

> Canonical now has the responsibility, yes let me say that again,
>> "Canonical has a responsibility", to the entire Linux world, to be very
>> careful with what they put out.  Now I have no problem with releasing
>> Karmic but please, for all the rest of us, including other distributions
>> and companies that have worked hard over many years to promote Linux,
> I completely agree.  I would have upgraded to Karmic anyways no matter what
> it was labelled. But you know what, many people and most new people probably
> need the LTS.  And you know what else, I have a hard time finding the LTS on
>  Should be a big sign for the LTS and a small link to Karmic for
> those of us who want it and have been following the countdown for months.
> Google provides email to companies for day-to-day business and these
> businesses pay them.  Google has an excellent reputation and is highly
> respected in the industry.  How do you think the business image of Google
> changed during the major email blackouts for practically an entire business
> day for the customers affected?  This is still 99%+ uptime, but if your
> company had to put off thousands of dollars worth of business for a day or
> even half a day, it would have you a bit worried.  Same thing with a distro
> perceived to be not as stable as competing OSes.
> -Joseph
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