is anyone ever going to fix this major bug?

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Tue Dec 8 22:50:07 UTC 2009

Brendan Miller wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Marius Gedminas <marius at> wrote:
>> There are millions of Ubuntu users, but only hundreds of developers...
> The issue is that there is no one triaging incoming bugs, so the bug
> tracker has turned into a black hole for users.  I'm saying, don't
> make it public if there's no system for handling bugs from users. It's
> a waste of time and source of aggravation for everyone involved.
I do not understand your position. It is public. It is meant to be
public. It is so that all
can jump in and help. Marius'  observation above still apply. And, yes,
there *are*
triagers, but much less than we need.

But instead of helping out, you propose to close it? Triaging is not
I am afraid. It is always somebody else's problem.

> The bug I mentioned:
> already has a fix in the comments. It is not an upstream bug, so it
> won't go away on it's own. So, it just needs some developer with SVN
> access to apply the fix... yet it hasn't even been looked at after
> sitting in the tracker for months.
I partially disagree. It does not need a *developer*, but anyone
interested enough to
propose the fix, and discuss possible consequences, and adjust as
needed. Oh, yes, it
needs to be worked. It takes time.

So, here, we have two possible areas *anyone* could help:
 * on triaging (including setting the correct package) -- which, as you
noted, needs a
    *lot* of help;
 * preparing a patch, and submitting it for consideration.

Also, no bug goes away on its own, be it an Ubuntu or upstream one. All
of them
need human action. The only real way to get it all done is via the
helping in.  I am part of the community. You are part of the community.

All of us are.

And, for the triaging part, it does not need much -- you can do it, one,
two, three
bugs per day. Hell, three per *week* would help -- it would be three
*less* bugs
to triage. If a lot of us go and act this way, most of our problems with
the black
hole you mention would vanish. All we need is some help from all.

I personally would feel much more happy if you email also included a



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