Why Ubuntu is not ready for prime time

George Farris farrisg at cc.mala.bc.ca
Fri Aug 28 20:12:27 UTC 2009

Here is another reason.

The documentation is lacking, big gaps and holes in it.  Take a look at
help.ubuntu.com and lets just choose something at random.

Try find a clear, concise example of how to configure multiple public
facing IP addresses/ethernet boards in 9.04 KVM.  Not there.

Want another example, go again to the server docs and try and find where
it talks about mapping an ethernet device (ethx) to a specific NIC, nope
not there.

There are all sorts of holes like this all over "official" Ubuntu
documentation.  Really the docs have got to get a whole lot better to
make this happen.  There is lots of information, half of it not relevant
to the current version etc, etc.

I really like Ubuntu but I struggle to find how to do some simple things
at times,  I've been using Linux for many years and if I have problems,
you can imagine how new users must feel.

Documentation AND examples are one of the most important things there


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