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Martin Owens doctormo at
Thu Sep 18 13:25:05 UTC 2008

Hi Felix,

> Now I think your idea is not bad at all, because we have a quite nice
> folder structure already (Documents, Pictures, Videos and so on). But
> they must be used! Correct me if I'm wrong, but FSpot makes its own
> directory ("/home/foo/Photos") for the pictures you want to "copy to
> picture location" (you can select this option when importing pictures to
> fspot).

Yes that is the case, the way these directories are configured is that
there is a config file which lists each one. this allows for folders
in different languages to be used correctly by programs without having
to have that foreign language support built in (without breaking
horribly). Getting folders used is a matter of project preference,
although support for the ideas from other developers would help push
standards too.

> I still see some issues (like a unified way to save emails, not that if
> I first use Thunderbird my emails are stored like "foo.mail" and with
> Evolution they are stored like "080916_foo.evomail" or similar) but
> issues are here to resolve and as you pointed out already: this is a
> discussion, so lets discuss :)

The file names them selves might not be such a problem so long as the
structure is well defined. Making sure the folder structures in
evolution correspond to the folders in the file system would be a
first step. This may either be done through convention or by
configuration (such as a more detailed XDS) The file formats and the
mime-type would be the most important aspects after structure.

E.g ~/Email/Personal Account/Inbox

> Martin, are you familiar with Cosimo Cecchi's Summer of Code project?
> (

It's a very interesting project, it actually seems more radical than
my ideas but certainly is along the same lines. Having an index based
file chooser is a very useful feature.

> Probably a integration of his media manager into nautilus would solve
> some of your problems?

Although the main aspects of being able to run your files through any
application outside of gnome is still very attractive. ergo: ssh from
your laptop to your computer, your looking for a contact in your
evolution account. You have the command line.

P.S. I've taken cheese mailing list off the reply, don't want to flood
their list.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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