Configuration masquerading Data

Felix Kaser f.kaser at
Thu Sep 18 12:44:01 UTC 2008

Martin Owens schrieb:
> Dear Felix,
>> Aaaaahhh wait! It's nice you separated data and configuration, but to be
>> honest: I really don't want my home directory to be flooded with data I
>> don't even want do see outside the application!
> Calm down dear, it's only a discussion.
I am calm =) Sorry if it looked like I'm agitated or something ^^

Now I think your idea is not bad at all, because we have a quite nice
folder structure already (Documents, Pictures, Videos and so on). But
they must be used! Correct me if I'm wrong, but FSpot makes its own
directory ("/home/foo/Photos") for the pictures you want to "copy to
picture location" (you can select this option when importing pictures to

I still see some issues (like a unified way to save emails, not that if
I first use Thunderbird my emails are stored like "foo.mail" and with
Evolution they are stored like "080916_foo.evomail" or similar) but
issues are here to resolve and as you pointed out already: this is a
discussion, so lets discuss :)

Martin, are you familiar with Cosimo Cecchi's Summer of Code project?

Probably a integration of his media manager into nautilus would solve
some of your problems?


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