[Evolution-hackers] Configuration masquerading Data

Gilles Dartiguelongue gilles.dartiguelongue at esiee.org
Thu Sep 18 22:49:11 UTC 2008


first, let me tell you I perfectly agree with you that user data should
be easily accessible to users. It's their data after all.

Now I want to shade this a bit for what is usually called PIM data.
imho, users (I mean normal non-geeky users) often only know about one
way of getting to their data and can only handle few at a time. This is
really important wrt to what you said about mails. Somebody replied to
this thread qualifying what would be the direct (brutal) application of
your proposal as a tsunami of data and I can only agree with that. This
would be a poor user experience really :)

About standards, evolution actually uses standards to store data, mbox
for mails, ics/vcard for addressbook, events & memos. It can also export
all of these data from their hidden store to another standard format.
Even nicer, it has a backup plugin that saves all this and configured
accounts to a tarball that you can save anywhere you want. Personnaly
I've had harder times getting my data out of thunderbird last time I
tried (which was probably ~1.0).

Now obviously all programs probably won't be able to deal with
evolution's backup tarball (but most probably can with "individual"
exports) but that's probably because nobody even thought about getting
started on standardizing this kind of stuff before.

Gilles Dartiguelongue <gilles.dartiguelongue at esiee.org>
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