User Switcher, Shutdown Options, IM Status

Caroline Ford at
Sun Oct 5 14:21:37 UTC 2008

2008/9/30 Tony Yarusso <tonyyarusso at>:
> I'll certainly add a vote against the new logout dialogue stuff.
> Honestly, until I remembered this sort of thing being discussed in the
> past I couldn't figure out how to shut down, since I haven't used the
> System menu to do so for so long.  (Incidentally the button doesn't
> actually work for me and I have to use a command, but that's a
> different issue.)  Six buttons together may look cluttered to some,
> but it's still less cluttered than six buttons spread across two
> different places, with no apparent connection between the two.

I think this may be more broken in netbook remix (which doesn't seem
to be under development in intrepid see
I'd love it if the netbook remix packages were part of the same
development cycle as the rest of the distro..

In netbook remix the only way of shutting down is to use the icon,
which just allows you to log off. You then need to use the options
menu in gdm to actually close down. This is very annoying, especially
for these machines which ahve short battery lives when you just want
to close it quickly.

I'm worried this will be the release that people don't know how to turn off!

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