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Evan wrote on 26/03/08 13:22:
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> The exact implementation of the above features is up for debate, but the
> concept of a unified disk management utility is far more important. As
> far as I know, no other operating system has a such a utility, so it
> would put Ubuntu clearly in the lead in this area. It could also be a
> candidate for the 'main feature' for 8.10 (like compiz-fusion was for
> 7.10). What does everybody think of putting something like this in Ubuntu?

I think this is a neat idea (though it probably wouldn't be counted as
the "main feature" of 8.10). The next step would be for you to register
it as a blueprint <>, linked to a
more detailed plan on the Ubuntu wiki <>, and
propose the blueprint for discussion at the UDS-Intrepid meeting in May.

If I was looking for commands relating to a disk's free space, health,
backup, and partitions, I'd look in Nautilus's Properties window for the
disk. Perhaps that window could be simplified (e.g. merging the existing
"Basic", "Drive", "Volumes", and/or "Notes" tabs) to make room for new
tabs with the new functions.

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