Extremely large -data packages

Michael Bienia michael at vorlon.ping.de
Mon Jul 21 12:59:35 UTC 2008

On 2008-07-21 13:36:18 +0100, (``-_-ยดยด) -- Fernando wrote:
> If everything else fails, you may ask LP admin if you can have it
> initially on a PPA (i dont know the quota limit on PPAs, sorry), and
> if it can handle safely, then ask Ubuntu reps to store it.

The initial limit for PPAs is 1 GB but one can get it increased if there
is need.

Beware that one needs space for the source and the binary packages, so
with -data packages around 700 MB (I guess the source package will have
a similar size), one gets pretty fast past the initial 1 GB limit.


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