Bulgarian phonetic keyboard layout is not the country standard

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Sat Jul 19 09:23:20 UTC 2008

"vicho minkov" <vichobg at gmail.com> writes:

> Although this is the national standard for the phonetic layout some people
> will still want to use the old one because it is more comfortable to them.
> Before the release of the new one there were 2 layouts:
> -the national standard for PC keyboard layouts (it was included in Hardy)
> and
> -the unofficial phonetic PC keyboard layout (it was included in Hardy, too).
> After the release, the release of the standard there were no changes to the
> first one. The second one was a bit changed. Here are the differences:
> The most frequently used keyboards (101/102/105-key intl based) were changed
> to this:
> http://www.metodii.com/pic/kb_2.gif

This keyboard layout quite differs from one people are used to. This
includes me and everybody using phonetic layout I know. Forcing
bulgarian users to switch will cause lot of pain. IMHO there should be
tree layouts:

 * BDS one, BAS national standard, the non-phonetic one
 * Old phonetic one, unofficial, not approved by BAS but what most
   people use
 * New phonetic one, BAS standard.

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