Bulgarian phonetic keyboard layout is not the country standard

vicho minkov vichobg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 14:44:59 UTC 2008

On 05.12.2007 (dd.mm.yyyy) the standard for computer keyboard layouts was
accepted by the Bulgarian government. There are a few changes according to
this announcement. You can read more about this here:
http://www.methodius.org/Iniciativa.html .
The new layout was included in Windows Vista and it has replaced the old
phonetic layout. Despite the fact that the Linux community intends to be
faster changing and developing than Windows, Ubuntu has not yet implemented
the standard phonetic layout.
Although this is the national standard for the phonetic layout some people
will still want to use the old one because it is more comfortable to them.
Before the release of the new one there were 2 layouts:
-the national standard for PC keyboard layouts (it was included in Hardy)
-the unofficial phonetic PC keyboard layout (it was included in Hardy, too).
After the release, the release of the standard there were no changes to the
first one. The second one was a bit changed. Here are the differences:

The most frequently used keyboards (101/102/105-key intl based) were changed
to this:
Its German version was modified like this:
And the French one like this:

After the announcement the scientists from BAS (Bulgarian Academy of
Science) released an immediate fix for both Windows and Linux. The
instructions for installing it in Linux said that if you want to use it you
have to replace the one at '/etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc/bg' with the new one (
http://lml.bas.bg/~anton/misc/bg <http://lml.bas.bg/%7Eanton/misc/bg>).

Everything works fine except that it replaces the old one. I suggest that
the new phonetic layout has to be included in Intrepid as a third option for
Bulgarian layout. The final options have to be these:
-Bulgarian national standard for PC layouts
-Bulgarian national standard for the phonetic layout
-Bulgarian unofficial phonetic layout (the old one)

I beg all fellows who see this to participate in the discussion if the old
phonetic layout is needed in Intrepid. All other people are welcome to
comment, too.
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