Did we really release 8.04?

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 7 14:53:58 UTC 2008

Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> Oliver Grawert wrote:
>> (``-_-ยดยด) -- Fernando wrote:
>>> * the manual way, rename the source.list hardy mentions to intrepid and do an apt-get dist-update;
>> you know that this is highly discouraged since it wont catch teh special
>> cases update-manager has functions for ?
> I consider that a bug.  Why are conflicts only marked in
> update-manager instead of in the packages conflicts list?  That was
> the case with the newer-kernel v. EVMS bug if you upgraded from Dapper
> through to Gutsy (and I don't mean skipping releases, just doing lots
> of dist-upgrades over the years).  What exactly are you supposed to do
> on a system without X?  Just let it break?  The issues and options
> should come through at the command line level and just bubble up
> through to the GUI.

    This isn't a CLI vs. GUI issue, it's that some upgrade cases don't
work well for special reasons.  Some of these are difficult to encode
in terms of provides, conflicts, and replaces, and some are even
impossible.  Upgrade Manager (which also has a cli client) has
information about these special cases that allow the upgrade to
continue.  While it remains a goal to avoid these situations, it can
be difficult due to the possible complexity of future transitions.
Upgrade manager works around this by downloading a hints file during
the upgrade process to help determine which choice apt should take
when confronted with a confusing transition (e.g. mesa & libgl) or to
ensure that obsolete packages with implications on other packages
(e.g. python2.3) are safely removed.


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