No "run" menu item?

Caroline Ford at
Sat Jul 5 20:57:35 UTC 2008

2008/7/5 HggdH <hggdh2 at>:
>> I've never actually seen a Windows user use it.  They usually seem to
>> prefer hunting through the Start Menu, except when tech support tells
>> them to go to the Run thing and type "cmd" and hit Enter.
> Well, I have seen it in use, a lot of times. It usually happens when an
> admin comes to an user system and, instead of wasting time digging in
> through the user's customisations, we go straight to the kill.
> So, if you are talking about *end* users, casual users, then yes, you
> are absolutely right. They would not understand the Run thingy even if
> it bit them. As an extension, if we are building an system for the
> naive, casual users, then we should not have such an entry in the menu.
> If, on the other hand, we a re building a system to be used by all, I
> see no reason *NOT* to have it.
> And this is not because another OS has it, its because it is useful.

I've actually only ever seen it used in tech support instruction where
the end user is told to open Run and then enter the following


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