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> 2008/7/5 HggdH <hggdh2 at>:
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> >
> >> I've never actually seen a Windows user use it.  They usually seem to
> >> prefer hunting through the Start Menu, except when tech support tells
> >> them to go to the Run thing and type "cmd" and hit Enter.
> >
> > Well, I have seen it in use, a lot of times. It usually happens when an
> > admin comes to an user system and, instead of wasting time digging in
> > through the user's customisations, we go straight to the kill.
> >
> > So, if you are talking about *end* users, casual users, then yes, you
> > are absolutely right. They would not understand the Run thingy even if
> > it bit them. As an extension, if we are building an system for the
> > naive, casual users, then we should not have such an entry in the menu.
> >
> > If, on the other hand, we a re building a system to be used by all, I
> > see no reason *NOT* to have it.
> >
> > And this is not because another OS has it, its because it is useful.
> I've actually only ever seen it used in tech support instruction where
> the end user is told to open Run and then enter the following
> *exactly*.
> Caroline
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Just a quick comment on the windows side of the things.  In Vista there is
no longer a "run" command, it is search and works great.  One of the things
I use every day on my work (Vista) machine that I miss in the *buntu world.
Ctrl+Esc (to pull open the start menu) and then start typing what I'm
looking for.  Hit enter or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to find the
correct item.  I use my mouse a lot less these days to open
files/applications/emails all index by search and all accessible through the
start -> Search menu
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